Listed below are some suggestions in this area:


1. Get rid of all your junk and clutter.

2. Wash all your windows.

3. Paint walls fresh, using light colours, such as off-white or beige.

4. Open curtains so lots of light gets in.

5. Get your carpets professionally cleaned. If you're thinking of replacing carpets, go for beige.

6. Remove leaves or extentions from tables to make the rooms look bigger.

7. Remove unnecessary furniture; Again, this will make the rooms look larger.

8. Reduce the number of pillows, afghans, throws, and blankets on your couches.

9. Reduce the number of paintings and other wall decorations.

10. Try to limit the number of chairs around your tables. Four to six is ideal.

11. Reduce the number of dishes in the china cabinets.

12. Organize your children's toys in one area, if possible.

13. Make sure all applications are in good working order.

14. Replace and burned-out bulbs.

15. Replace outdated draps and blinds.

16. Make minor repairs: Dripping faucets, cracks in walls or ceilings, loose doorknobs, and torn windows screens.

17. Make sure that all windows and doors open and shut properly.

18. Be aware of smells: stop smoking inside the house and temporarily relocate your pets, if possible.

19. Put decorative towels in bathrooms.

20. Thin out and organize your closets to make them look more spacious.

21. Change the filters in your furnace.

22. Get rid of all old bicycles, paint cans, and any other useless items from your garage.

23. Play light music during showings and light a fire if it's cold outside.