·         Test and inspect smoke, and Carbon Monoxide detectors. 检查测试烟感和一氧化碳探测器。

·         Check to be certain nothing flammable is near a source off lame, such as a water heater pilot light, gas range, furnace, etc. 检查确保易燃物品远离火源,比如热水器,煤气灶,暖炉等。

·         Practice family fire-escape plan and review earthquake preparedness. 演习火险家庭逃生计划并检查地震准备。

·         Inspect electrical cords for damage. Repair or replace if needed. 检查电线有无破损并及时更换。

·         Check the operation of all electrical circuit breakers by turning each off and on. Do the same with ground fault circuit interrupters, usually found in bathroom, kitchen, garage and outdoor outlets. Replace those not working properly. 检查所有的短路器和漏报插座。更换掉不工作的。

·         Clean garbage disposal by grinding up two trays of ice cubes made from a mixture of 1 cup white vinegar to 1 gallon of water.(Be certain to use the disposer cap when grinding.) For a pleasant odor follow the cleaning by grinding a lemon. 清理食物残渣粉碎机。具体操作:将用一小杯白醋和一加仑水冻的冰块(两盒)放入粉碎机内绞碎。然后绞碎一个柠檬会很好闻。


  • Clean or replace furnace filter every month. Do furnace or central air-conditioning maintenance recommended by the unit’s manufacturer. 每个月都要清洗或更换暖炉滤网。根据需要清理或更换。根据使用手册作暖炉或中央空调的保养。